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Sandra Uttley Statement

Posted on 16 October 2006 by admin

When the Dunblane massacre happened in March 1996, I was in the most stable settled part of my life. I’d lived on the outskirts of Dunblane since the early 1980s, but in April 1995 I bought a small flat in the town itself, not far from the imposing 13th century Cathedral.

In August 1995 I joined the Scottish Ambulance Service and began work at the station just 9 miles north of Dunblane. I am ashamed to say that during my training I didn’t pay much attention to dealing with gunshot injuries as to my mind that was a ‘city’ problem and not something I was likely to encounter in the little backwater where I lived and worked.

Fortunately I wasn’t due back on duty on 13 March till 8pm. My colleagues Alison and Les received THAT dreadful call and were the first ambulance personnel to arrive at the school, declaring it a Major Incident.

I was called in a few hours later to relieve them from duty. Having collected the ambulance from Stirling, myself and another colleague Russell went back to station to clean out the ambulance that had transported 5 year old Mhairi MacBeath to hospital. She was declared dead on arrival, from a single gunshot wound to the head. Mhairi’s father had been my philosophy lecturer at university in the early ‘80s. He had tragically died six months before Mhairi’s murder, from a brain haemorrhage. He hadn’t lived to see his second daughter, Katherine, born. And on the day of Mhairi’s murder, a memorial service was being held in his memory. His wife Isabel had thought about keeping Mhairi off school that day, but decided it was for her own selfish reasons and besides, Mhairi didn’t want to miss gym. Within an hour, her daughter was dead.

I bring in such personal detail, because to my mind it is too easy for people to forget the enormous loss of life on 13 March 1996 and the individual tragic stories involved in each death.

Back at my ambulance station, I waited with dread for Alison and Les to return after their debriefing. I didn’t know what I could possibly say to them. They were deeply shocked and traumatised. Alison simply said, “that is not a job you would have wanted so early in your career”. I was so incredibly relieved it hadn’t been me. Les could barely speak. He kept on making a gun trigger gesture to his head and said that is how the children had died. They had been disabled and then shot through the head as they lay injured on the gym floor. For some reason very little has been said about this aspect of the massacre – that 11 girls were shot through the head. I am not certain how many of the 5 boys who were killed died from head injuries. The gunman didn’t seem to have the boys as his target as clearly as he did the girls. One boy who was lying injured was shot in the back, not the head, giving him more chance of survival (and indeed this boy, Matthew Birnie, did survive).

A head shot virtually guarantees death and the gunman was clearly intent on making this a true massacre, in every sense of the word.

Just how had this obscenity happened?

It has taken all of ten years for me to finally understand why Dunblane happened. I remember being very surprised when the bereaved parents called for a ban on handguns, as to my mind this was an obvious failure of policing. Thomas Hamilton should NEVER have been allowed to own guns. Britain had no noticeable ‘gun culture’ as in the States. I would imagine that the majority of people, like me, had no idea that target shooting as a sport existed. The very rare gun crime we heard about was part of the criminal underworld. We did not have a problem with legally held weapons in this country.

But, waiting in the wings was Gill Marshall-Andrews, wife of British MP Bob Marshall-Andrews, with her embryonic Gun Control Network (GCN). In Australia and New Zealand, Rebecca Peters and Philip Alpers too were waiting to pounce. After the massacre at Port Arthur, Peters and Alpers were in action.

In preparation for the Cullen Inquiry into the Dunblane massacre, the solicitor representing the bereaved and injured children’s families, invited each family to express their concerns about – amongst other matters – gun control. Those who expressed the strongest views, in particular, Mick North, who lost his only child in the massacre, were then co-opted into the gun control movement. Mick has remained there ever since.

I began a relationship with Mick a few months after Sophie’s death (his wife had died a few years earlier) and after our relationship ended, I worked for him for the next 7 years as his Personal Assistant. By then Mick was travelling the world on his gun control ‘mission’ and I held the fort back in Scotland whilst he was away on his endless trips.

It was only in 1999 that I discovered that all the Dunblane Inquiry documents had been locked away for an astonishing 100 years (a closure order that has since been declared illegal). Whilst for the previous 3 years I’d thought in terms of police incompetence re Thomas Hamilton, NOW I realised that something much more sinister was going on. Still, I had nothing to work on – or so I thought.

At the end of 2002, I accidently stumbled across some information on the internet about Dunblane that was to set me off on this path – searching for the truth. Once you find yourself on this road, it is impossible to get off. That said, I never expected to be battling on nearly 4 years later. I naively thought that once the parents and the media discovered about all the lies told at the Dunblane Inquiry, there would be an uproar. There has been nothing of the sort.

For the first 6 years after the massacre, I hadn’t doubted for one minute that Thomas Hamilton had killed himself immediately after his shooting spree. But once I began studying all the evidence from the transcript of the Inquiry, there were such glaring inconsistencies and blatant lies about the scene of crime in the gym, that it soon became clear to me that Hamilton had been shot and killed and hadn’t committed suicide at all.

Now if that was the case, why? Surely after what Hamilton had just done, this person would have been hailed a hero? But there was a difficulty though. The massacre was said to have taken just 3 minutes. If Hamilton was killed, how did his assassin get there so quick? I don’t need to go into any more detail now about that, as this is all in my book.

But when you look at all the evidence coming to light now about the Port Arthur massacre in Australia and the Columbine massacre in the States, Dunblane would seem to not be alone in terms of inconsistent evidence, disappearing vital witnesses, a refusal of the mainstream media to print anything about that, the ridiculing and hounding of those campaigners like myself who fight to be heard, AND the total silence of both GCN and the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) of which Mick is closely involved.

On 2 October 2005, Mick saturated the British press with his claims that there had been no cover-up of the truth about the massacre in which his beloved only child had been killed. All the articles were full of inaccuracies and, in all honesty, downright untruths. No newspaper would print a right of reply from me, the main campaigner for the truth about the Dunblane massacre. I had – at last – been silenced.

Why would a parent do this? Mick has, without a doubt, been brainwashed by the international gun control movement. There can be no other explanation for why a father would so blatantly stamp the truth about his daughter’s murder into the ground ……… and to my mind, this left the door wide open for further gun massacres. It is a tragic irony that exactly one year later, on 2 October 2006, in a small backwater in Pennsylvania, a place where, like Dunblane, these things just do not happen, five schoolgirls were executed, Dunblane-style.

These gun massacres are always said to be the work of the lone nut gunman. I don’t know enough about the details of all the other school massacres we have witnessed around the western world these last two decades. Andrew MacGregor has done much work in that area and will be speaking about this in a couple of days.

But I do know enough about Dunblane now to know that Thomas Hamilton more than likely did not commit the Dunblane massacre. Hamilton was – no other word for it – the patsy. He was set up that day and he paid with his life. And because the truth about the Dunblane atrocity has been buried, you can be sure that we will see more and more of this kind of modern warfare, where children are sacrificed for some supposed greater good that ‘the planners’ would wish for.

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    Kester Says:

    I’ve just linked this site in my thread ‘Gabrielle Gifford. A Gun Control False Flag?’ on the forum Above Top Secret.

  2. 2
    Alan Gaunt Says:

    My initial thoughts are of a ‘real life exercise’ that shocks the nation and allows Gov. to clamp down on certain aspects of our lives. Now Gun control is an obvious one and I agree with your thoughts on guns in this country, it’s never been big problem.
    Although it does make you think why. Is this to shut our freedoms down all the more through Milton Friedmans idea (Chicago School of Economics) of Shock and Awe, drastically shock a system to change it. Some believe that was the reason behind 911 or New Orleans and Haarp technology, our own 7/7 etc etc.
    The recent UK protests have been against Gov and only for students and the civil service. Students only want free school (is primary and secondary free education not good enough lol) and the civil service, well the usual more money. This has distracted the public from the real issues, lack of jobs, over-immigration (I’m not racist, our infrastructure just cannot hold so many people), illegal wars, the financial industry (their bonuses and crazy credit cards) etc etc etc
    Now I firmly believe that the London riots were planned in a way so that Gov could introduce more legislation against us to stop our power against them when the day comes for them to say “right, we own everything now and you do what we say”

  3. 3
    William Zabel Says:

    Hi there,

    I just came across this article while looking for information on the Dunblane massacre as uncovered Sandra Uttley. I have researched the Columbine High School shooting since the day it happened. I have been on numerous radio shows talking about the inconsistencies concerning the official version of events and have publicly named accomplices in the Columbine case including a former firefighter who trained Harris, Klebold, and others in how to make bombs that those suspects and others did use on April 20, 1999.

    I was wondering how I might contact Sandra Uttley about her research and to ask her if she had heard the rumor that I heard through people in the Columbine community that former Sheriff John P. Stone who was in charge of the Columbine investigation visited Dunblane in either 1996 or 97 before he became Sheriff and was working at Lakewood, Colorado, USA police department?

    Interesting parallels between Dunblane, Columbine, Virginia Tech, and other school shootings. One parallel is the suspects usually kill themselves according to authorities, yet when the autopsies are released, it clearly shows that they were killed someone else.

  4. 4
    Sandra Uttley Says:

    Hi William

    I am still around. You can contact me by email:

  5. 5
    Dave Says:

    Erm… That really wasn’t very persuasive. It’s very easy to dismiss the accepted version of events as full of lies and inaccuracies without bothering to explain why and what the truth is. And it’s a heck of a leap from the unproven assertion that Hamilton was killed to the innuendo that it was ‘planned’ supposedly by the state. And I can’t believe you could write the paragraph about ‘gun culture’ without mentioning Hungerford. Or was that a conspiracy as well?

  6. 6
    barry_gowland Says:

    Although I am inclined to dismiss “conspiracy theories”, having read a description of the Part Arthur massacre from another source and put it together with this about the Dunblane documents being locked away for 100 years, I beging to wonder.
    In November 2000 I spent a fortnight in southern Texas. Prepare yourself for this. They have an average of 5-6 guns per househild there; with training and certification you can get a concealed carry permit; 39 other states operate something like that. Astonishingly, I FELT SAFER IN DOWNTOWN SAN ANTONIO THAN I WOULD IN MANY BRITISH CITIES!
    Why? Wellm besides all those gunsm they still have the death penalty for murder, and they aren’t scared to use it. We pensioned off the hangman back in 1965. In Texas and in much of the USA many parents long for their kids to have not just an academic education but one based of Chrsitian moral teaching – one where the moral absolutes of the Ten Commandments, man as a fallen creature of God(and not just some splendid beast), and man’s ultimate accountability to Almighty God after this life.. Where they can’t get it via an independent school they do it by home-schooling. Add to that the ready availability of Christian boradcasting and you see that they are expposed to the means of grace more than we are. Contrast the UK(and much of Europe), where Christianity is sidelined, at best only allowed if it is a vague “love God & do what you like” variety, and rarely allowed air time -and where it is, we now face the increasing threat of “hate laws”(so-called) used to silence its witness. Christian schools? The secular Left screams about “indoctrination!” So it’s OK to indoctrinate them in unbelief, is it?
    This Gill Marshall-Andrews begins to sound more dangerous than she appears.

  7. 7
    Alex C Says:

    I have been studying the Thomas Hamilton Enquiry and noted that there are quite a few masons in the list of witnesses called, and those in attendance. These include those from the PF’s department, which according to the Lord Advocate is alleged to be completely free and independant from external influences in its decision making, including pressure from even the government.
    I wonder how Mr Hamilton would have felt about that!
    I myself have been for many and still am the victim of masonic corruption, including those officials who whilst not neccesarilly masons themsleves, are adept at manipulating masonic power.
    I am not ny the way a believer in great masonic conspiricies such as the Illuminati, or that all masons are evil. Far from it, as my father was a freemason. But they have rendered me as paranoid of freemasonary, although this is not a psychotic condition and my only other great fears are heights and spiders.


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  12. 12
    Caroline Says:

    I note that Sandra Uttley has not posted anything for several years. I am assuming she has received the treatment she obviously desperately needed to resolve her mental health difficulties. Is anyone able to confirm? I do hope she is better.

  13. 13
    Kester Says:

    Caroline dear I do hope you’ve recovered from your trusting simplicity.

  14. 14
    Richard Card Says:

    It is also easy Dave to launch into a Strawman rant on internet.

    When I was a young man (A long long time ago) I was accused, as a probationary Pc, by the Head of Force CID of being “Cross posted into police from SAS”. I hope I learned, after scoffing at the obvious absurdity of his accusation, not to dismiss the reasoning just because the person’s explanation seems absurd.

    I will be reading Sandra’s book. But I already have in mind the tests, albeit in English law, for safety of an inquest verdict. Insufficiency of Inquiry, Rejection of Evidence, Fraud, Irregularity of Proceedings. And I will be holding in my mind a virtual Article 2 Inquest what could state agencies have done to prevent the deaths.

    Is there a forensically validated or circumstantial reason to suspect a 3rd party shot Hamilton ?

    Maybe like a suicide pact when only one person in the pact ends up dead.

    So I will read the book.

    I am always reluctant to accept a theory that is based on the idea the state is omnipotent. I am interested, for example, in the extent MI5 (after criticism from PM Ted Heath) abdicated responsibility for protecting industry (Subversion and sabotage) to private intelligence organisations like 6th International.

  15. 15
    Richard Card Says:

    I have now read the book. I think Sandra was brave to write it and that it is useful.

    I would, however, urge anyone who believes in the exceptional nature of certain sudden death inquiries (Dr David Kelly, Dunblane, Stephen Lawrence) to examine other murder and sudden death inquiries.

    I had the chance to examine in detail Kent Police handling of a 2008 murder. David O’Leary shot in his home after he returned from a night out in the early hours. And I could write a book on what was wrong with the police inquiry. I could do the same for the 1989 terrorist bombing of Deal Royal Marines Barracks. In both these cases the initial police response set the tone for the direction inquiries took. In David O’Leary’s murder a taxi driver phoned police that he had heard shots and seen a man run away and that David had emerged from the house and collapsed in front of the taxi. It was an unlit remote country lane. Police told the cabbie stay where you are and wait for police. Then had a risk management exercise for themselves and delayed 45 minutes till armed support could arrive first.

    David’s house had electric vehicle gates. It appears certain that it was police who forced them open against irreversible gearing for the greater convenience of getting their cars into the grounds. Police then entered house and appear to have restored power without noting which trip switches on the consumer unit were tripped. There are four switches of interest and as such a Boolean array that yields 16 available truths. A simple note would tell us which one applies. The position of the gate almost closed was a situation that could be re-created and timed. from when a fleeing woman pressed the actuator button to when the gates froze in position as power cut off.

    Police seized but later released without forensic testing a Rolex found in a bedside cabinet. It had strap damage from a seafront fight some weeks earlier. Police told IPCC they had not tested it because it was unlikely the intruder touched it. And you see the initial risk assessment was that the sole intruder had run away. No evidence the intruder was alone. But the initial guess became the gospel of the whole inquiry.

    We did a bit of re-investigating and the Rolex was locked in a cabinet in a downstairs office. After the tragedy it was in a bedside cabinet. So now where are we police that no one touched it ?

    David’s company Secure Scaffolding Ltd came under Companies House warning right under the noses of police murder inquiry. His returns were due the week after his murder. Companies House went on to strike off the company at which point its assets pass to the Crown. What assets ? All vehicles and scaffolding had been sold off by the executor without winding up the company and absorbing residue to estate. The Police get irritated as it is suggested to them they check the authenticity of the will. But if they find the will is not authentic then that would mean they had handed over the crime scene to someone who was living with a listed suspect unlawfully. So Police said they won’t investigate the administration of the estate, the disposal of limited company assets or the will.

    Having handed over the crime scene to the suspect, in effect, the police were told that an electrician had taken up residence and had modified the house wiring. Opportunity for electrical forensics at house lost for ever.

    Another sudden death inquiry. A child died in post op ICU at Guys Hospital 1995. Power to life support had been cut twice by rogue operation of the hospital backup power system. The inquest had sat and returned a misadventure verdict before I got to a bit of what had happened. The Coroners Officer had recorded the manufacturer of the backup generator as “MVA model 1.5”. That is the power rating in Mega Volt Amps. On that basis he had exempted the Kent based manufacturer from inquiry and ruled out a connection to an identical rogue fautlt sequence on the hospital Petbow system in 1987.

    Another sudden death. Margate Police custody death 1995. I reported the Thanet Inquest to Attorney General and HM Coroner stood down and was replaced by Dover Coroner. Split sample testing one sample shew massive paracetomol overdose and the other sample did not. The retired Pc Coroners officer made accusations against the senior officer representing PCA and vice versa. Coroner was proposing to hold inquest while Coroners Officer on holiday and keep the investigating Coroners officer unavailable for cross examination at inquest.

    The Stephen Lawrence case. I know that in week one people came forward. Previous fights at that bus stop. Information about turf wars. Drug pushing at school gates. Interviews about rape allegations and attempted rape complaints.

    And it doesn’t take a genius to spot the weakness in the eventual prosecution. What is the basis for assuming Stephen Lawrence blood was only ever spilled at the murder scene ?

    In 1996 Ken Speakman was tortured and murdered in Ramsgate. A man was convicted. He had a parole hearing earlier this year. The retired case officer Det Supt Biddiss was kind enough to phone me a few years ago. And it is amazing to me they still call the senior office “Case officer”. Frankly they do not have an overview. They “manage” investigations now. And it doesn’t work.

    We are too generous to police when we criticise certain cases. They should be flattered because the inference is that they performed exceptionally poorly in particular cases and then the rationalisations attach “Powerful paedo rings”. “NATO” etc. I am not saying that such theories are always wrong. I am saying that the assumption police performed exceptionally questionably, in the highlighted cases, is wrong.

    Police are not fit for purpose. That is the truth. And where records disappear it is far more likely to be to do with police defying corruption and incompetence inquiry than anything particular to an accused.

  16. 16
    Kareb Says:

    Caroling ABOVE ^^^ STFU

  17. 17
    Bill Says:

    Thought this was a pretty poor “statement” by Sandra Uttley – she appears to have amassed all her knowledge second hand (and disgracefully weaves herself into being a “knowledgeable” commentator and researcher) and discusses elements that she was never exposed to. Talk of not being concerned with gunshot wounds because they were relevant to cities only is just silly. At the time, most Scottish GSW’s were and are related to rural accidents or suicides. She received the same training as all other ambulance staff and to suggest otherwise beggars belief. I could go on, but I suggest to most readers that most of her writings are at best, highly selective, and at worst, a desperate attempt to be associated with the tragedy. Some might draw comparisons with Alicia Esteve Head, of 9/11 infamy who looked for fame and fortune by hoax. And yes, I was at Dunblane during the incident and introduced Paramedic training to Scotland. Thankfully, Sandra has long left the SAS after a short career and many welcomed her choice.

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