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Was Thomas Hamilton supposed to be Mahakala?

Posted on 07 February 2010 by admin

The official police line in regard to the Death of Thomas Hamilton is unique in all of the murder investigations that I am aware of.

In fact every member of SAGBNI should have immediately picked up on this glaring oddity, but instead the SAGBNI forum has submerged to the depths of in-fighting and character assassination, than dwell on the realities that just may have saved their sport.

You see according to The Cullen Inquiry, which adopted the evidence of ‘Scene of Crime’ Investigator, the former Strathclyde police Sergeant, Malcolm Chisholm, Thomas Hamilton had to have been the living form of the Hindu God, Mahakala.

Thomas Hamilton couldn’t have been Vishnu, as Vishnu had only four arms, and Thomas Hamilton’s deeds, according to Malcolm Chisholm, were superior to even Vishnu. Just what exactly do you mean, you will ask? Well it’s really quite simple, and every shooter will confirm this observation.

Malcolm Chisholm stated, and it was accepted by the Cullen Inquiry that Thomas Hamilton was found wearing four holsters. Around his body were found four handguns, to wit, two Browning pistols and two Smith & Wesson revolvers, along with a certain amount of magazines for the two Browning pistols loaded, and unloaded and other spent cartridges.

Malcolm Chisholm stated emphatically that the evidence had not been touched.

That being the case, Thomas Hamilton could not have been Vishnu! Thomas Hamilton had to have been of a higher deity, and that means Mahakala.

You see a mere mortal armed with four handguns, and shooting targets, would have carried three of those handguns in their holsters, and used two hands to aim, shoot, and change over magazines, once the magazines became empty. Ordinary mere mortals would also have holstered the Browning pistol after shooting all the targets, and then producing the Smith & Wesson revolver in which to end the facade by killing himself.

Thus, armed with four handguns, and needing an extra hand to steady the handgun, cock, unload and reload, Thomas Hamilton would have required at least five hands. There are no five armed deities, even in Hindu, which simply means that Thomas Hamilton would have required six hands and arms.

Had Thomas Hamilton been a mere mortal shooter, then three of his firearms would have been in their holsters. Even to exchange firearms, the first would have been replaced back in its holster and then the next firearm would have been produced.

But apparently Thomas Hamilton according to Lord Cullen was not a mere mortal. Thomas Hamilton then could only have been Mahakala of the 6 arms, a Hindu God, a God of Death and Destruction; Mahakala.

Andrew S MacGregor


By using such focuses as Mahakala, it should make it obvious to any shooter that what happened, or rather what we were told happened, is absolute rubbish.  Most honest shooters would have been aware that they had been ‘done in’, but wouldn’t know how or by whom.  Now after reading the above, they would definitely know. I hope!

You see, what they did at Dunblane was to put the focus on the handguns, for virtually a visual effect.  Even though all the children and teachers were shot with the one handgun, they wanted as many guns as possible to enhance their picture.  They also wanted to overpower any suggestion that Dunblane was a one in a million occurrence.

What you also had at Dunblane was Malcolm Chisholm (Scene of Crime Officer), who was outside the constabulary, controlling everything.  That is why Grant McCutcheon (the off-duty police officer) had to be forgotten very quickly.

You know, if SAGBNI had been doing its job properly from the start, then most of these anomalies would have been exposed.

Since they weren’t, then either SAGBNI was run by very incompetent men, and they’re not, or they had to be fifth columns.

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    John Newton Says:

    In one of Andrew Macgregor’s articles, He questions why Thomas Hamilton’s Browning pistol had no magazine on it, yet had a round in the chamber. May I, as a former Commissioned officer in the Regular Army and Browning owner and weapons’ instructor, offer a possible solution ? In military training, we were always taught to count how many rounds we had fired. The Browning pistol mechanism is such that when the last round is fired, the working parts are forced to the rear and are locked back. This then requires that the magazine be ejected, a new magazine inserted and the slide locking lever be depressed to allow the working parts to go forward and at the same time to strip off the top round from the magazine and insert it into the chamber. The weapon is now ready for firing. If, however, you count your rounds, you can circumvent the delay by removing the magazine while the last round is in the chamber and inserting a new magazine. This cuts down the time for which the weapon can’t be used. The same principle was used with the Infantry 7.62mm SLR rifle, although that weapon did not hold the working parts to the rear after the magazine was empty.

    How or why Hamilton didn’t continue to reload his Browning is a mystery. Perhaps it was at this point that he was confronted. If he acted alone and someone who happened to be on the scene chose to shoot him with his .357 Magnum, then he/she deserves a medal for preventing further deaths. Any other scenario is absolutely indicative of a conspiracy and another murderer remains on the run if it is true that Hamilton suffered TWO wounds from a revolver fired through his mouth. The first round would have destroyed his brain cortex killing him instantly thereby making it physically impossible for him to fire a second shot. One is reminded of similarities to the deaths of one or more soldiers at Deepcut Barracks.

    A parting thought… If the assassination of JFK in 1963 led to a D-Notice preventing release of information to the public for some 50 years, one wonders what on earth lies beneath the murky waters of the Blair administration and/or the Cullen Inquiry that resulted in a 100 year ban on release of information relating to this horrendous crime. I am under the impression that no such similar length of ban has been imposed in British legal history. Ever.

  2. 2
    Tricia Says:

    The powers that be must be hoping the general public will have
    forgotten all about this dreadful affair. I’ve done enough digging recently to have developed a deep mistrust of government and the mainstream media. Without doubt there is a shadow world in operation.

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    Mike Wells Says:

    You have no idea what (SAGBNI) Sportsman’s Assn of Great Britain & Northern Ireland did.
    In 1996/97 SAGBNI were concerned with stopping the proposed ban on target pistol shooting. It was not set up to be a police investigation organisation.
    SAGBNI continually called for a public enquiry and that the Central Scotland police be investigated by another police force. SAGBNI hit brick wall at every turn. We continued to lobby parliament, especially as Labour had banned .22 target pistols, the Tories banned centre fire only. SAGBNI published and funded Sandra Uttley’s Dunblane Unburied, SAGBNI came up with the title. SAGBNI travelled to Edinburgh to the National Archives and spent three days researching redacted documents regarding Dunblane. SAGBNI applied for documents and photographs through Freedom of Information, these were ALL denied. SAGBNI MIke Wells & Richard Malbon posing as investigative journalists visited Dunblane parents and drew a blank, none of the parents were prepared to speak to any Journalists (it was suggested that they had signed the official secrets act). Wells & Malbon visited Dunblane School and the Funeral Director who had Hamilton cremated. Again no one was prepared to talk to us. They were all very cagey and scared. SAGBNI have a tremendous amount of knowledge surrounding the tragic events of that day in March 1996.
    Wells ended up on the front page of Scottish Sunday papers after his Freedom of Information application for the autopsy photographs of Hamilton were refused, and then LEAKED to the press. It would prove once and for all that Hamilton had been shot in the chest as well as the face, which is what SAGBNI believe. The Sunday tabloids stated “Gun Nut Monster wants to see photos of dead body”
    Before you criiticise SAGBNI any more you should research your facts thoroughly, contact SAGBNI and ask us. Furthermore to bring a public enquiry would be too costly for any organisation to afford,running into millions. Perhaps you should put your money where your mouth is. It is 17 years since the massacre, Central Scotland police officers have died, emigrated, retired and moved on. I attended the preliminary hearing for a public inquiry over the death of Dr. David Kelly in the High Court, Even though the QC stated a very good case the Judge threw it out!!
    In November this year it is the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Do you think the lifting of the 50 year closure order will reveal it was LBJ what dun it?

  4. 4
    Rick Says:

    Irrespective of the time between Hamiltons execution and the much buried pedophile connection, it is fair to say that the handgun ban, as a result, was extreme and unfair considering that failure of the police to enforce the current laws at the time and remove Hamiltons guns has to be a factor worth considering, though ignored at the time, and today.

    Many innocents have paid the price of the police not enforcing the laws they have from the children to the responsible and, guaranteed to be horrified, legal gun owners.
    Imaging losing your car because someone got killed by a speeding, drunk, motorist?

    The ban has done nothing to reduce gun crime because crime using LEGALLY held guns are virtually non existent and statistically vanishing.
    All it did was to ensure that ANY crime involving firearms was from a 100% illegally held weapon, as MOST gun crimes are.

    More people are killed in the UK, on average, by lightening than by guns…
    100 people are killed by Lightning every year in the USA.
    Around 30-60 people are struck by lightning each year in the UK out of these, 3 are likely to be killed.
    In the UK The worst year in recent decades was 1982 when 14 people were killed.
    reference …

    Hamilton killed those children.. WE, the legal gun owners didn’t.
    Injustice in action. might interest you.
    Repeal the ban.

  5. 5
    Charles Says:

    Dear Andrew,

    The piece above is very interesting. But as regards SAGBNI you don’t know the half of it! There is a certain document that you would find very enlightening with regard to SAGBNI involvement in the matter. We would like to send you a copy of it but cannot see any way of attaching it to this e-mail. Let us have an e-mail address and we will furnish you with a copy.


  6. 6
    Il y a 15 ans en Ecosse, un autre tueur fou dans une autre école, et beaucoup de questions en suspens | Paramystère Says:

    […] Quatre armes dont un fusil. Pour certains, une reconstitution du massacre eut été fort intéressante, tant il est difficile d’imaginé Hamilton, avec quatre armes dont deux en […]

  7. 7
    Andrew S MacGregor Says:

    Dear Charles,
    My email address is ‘,au’.
    After Dunblane, Australia had the Port Arthur Massacre in which Martin Bryant was the supposed gunman who murdered 35 innocent people. The problem was that once all the various documents, court transcript and witness statements were studied it becam obvious that Martin Bryant was not the gunman, and that is easily proven by the fact that David Martin was shot twice at 10.40am while Martin Bryant was actually drinking coffee at the Shell Service Station at Forcett, 58 kilometres away.
    After that massacre Ted Drane, the President of the SSAA instituted the ‘Australian Reform Party’ and then led the shooters into a never-ending black hole to deny them any form of political power.

    I would imagine that the same thing would have happened in GB.

    The other thing that our media does to us is to treat each ‘lone-nut’ gun massacre as a spontaneous event, but again once studying each and every event, it can be shown that these events follow a similar ‘modus operandi’ and are thus connected.

    To understand the death of Thomas Hamilton, compare his death and that of the Brazilian electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes, in that Jean Charles was held to the train seat he had occupied whilst another fired 7 or 8 rounds into his head, and we were then told he was a suspected suicide bomber.

    Thomas Hamilton died after all of the children and teacher had been shot with a browning automatic, and then Thomas Hamilton apparently laid down on the floor and placed a Smith & Wesson revolver into his mouth and pulled the trigger twice, the rounds leaving his cranium and striking the wall immediately behind his head at about 6″ apart.

    Const. McCutcheon tells us that when he first saw the body of Hamilton, the janitor John Currie was over the body handling one of the two pistols at the scene. However, the ‘student teacher’ Scott told the Cullen Inquiry that he saw Hamilton commit suicide. Thus we have the two culprits involved in the murder of Hamilton, Currie and Scott, but the actual murderer of the teacher and the 16 students was somebody else who Scott escorted from the scene whilst he was still carrying the Smith & Wesson revolver.

    Andrew S MacGregor

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