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Queen Victoria School’s governing body

Posted on 08 April 2010 by admin

Queen Victoria School’s governing body is the BOARD OF HER MAJESTY’S COMMISSIONERS who are responsible to the Secretary of State for Defence. Spec” members, Lord Cullen, Lord Ross, PRINCE PHILIP and D MacLehose have all been on the Board and had a leading legal responsibility for the custody and care of the pupils at QVS, not least those who were physically and sexually abused.

The Lord Justice Clerk, Lord Ross, announced his decision to retire that position in January 1997. He was succeeded by Lord Cullen, who became well-known through his chairmanship of the inquiries into the Piper Alpha disaster and the shootings at Dunblane Primary School. Lord Cullen was sworn in on 15 January 1997, a few months after the conclusion of the Dunblane Inquiry.

Non-Spec members – but could well be Masons nevertheless – Malcolm Rifkind, Ian Lang and Michael Forsyth, as Conservative Secretaries of State for Scotland respectively from 11 January 1986 to 28 November 1990, from 28 November 1990 to 5 July 1995, and from 5 July 1995 to 2 May 1997, were all Presidents of the Board of Her Majesty’s Commissioners.

As Secretary of State for Defence from 10 April 1992 to 5 July 1995, MALCOLM RIFKIND had PRINCIPAL responsibility for the children at QVS during that period.

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